Drought: The UK's invisible issue.

Encouraging water saving habits

all year round


The UK Drought and Water Scarcity Programme would like you to change the way we talk about droughts and water shortages.”


When it is hot and dry we want water usage to go down and not up.


Commonly droughts are described as 'prolonged' periods of dry weather. Hosepipe bans 'loom' and eventually are 'imposed' upon us. The primary goal is to find a way of triggering subtle adjustments in society that collectively result in big water savings, without causing controversy or criticism of water providers.


No one sets out to deliberately waste water. They just use what they feel they need to, even if with a little more care and attention they could actually use a lot less.


We want you to create a new drought narrative that helps people to understand that water is a limited resource that we all share with nature.

Our Brief

The Campaigns

Jacob Watson

& Alexander Cox

Introducing the Everyday Heroes campaign.

Chiara Gericke & David Fanner

A behavioural approach to saving water. We call it Water Mindfulness.

Dannie Ashby

& Max Simmonds 

Introducing the Prune June initiative. 

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